The Liberals and the Democrats still can’t believe that they lost the election. They are completely losing their mind after Trump’s victory, complaining that it wasn’t ‘fair’. In their desperate ways to diminish his victory and in some way ‘change’ the results, they have come up with an incredibly corrupt way to steal the presidency, by lobbying and maybe even bribing electors not to vote for Trump.

It was confirmed that 15 of the members of the elector college from the states where Trump won won’t vote for the president-elect. And not only that – they are trying to convince the other electors to do the same, so that he doesn’t get the necessary 270 votes to become president.

Check out the video:

If that happens – if Trump loses 37 electoral voter and therefore doesn’t get the 270 he needs, our country would be in a terrible constitutional crisis. That way the House of Representatives would be the one to choose who will be president. Luckily, the chances are they will sill choose Trump, since the majority of them are Republican, but that would cause an unnecessary chaotic situation and that surely isn’t how any president would want to start his presidency.

Even though they won’t be able to change the will of the American people, Liberals don’t care if they cause chaos and trouble just to ruin Trump’s election.

Do you think the names of these traitors should be publicly announced? They are going against their Constitutional duties of the electoral college because if the person to be elected by popular vote has the highest vote percentages, then the electoral votes should be in their favor. Electoral votes have already been given to Trump, the elector should confirm the process and Hillary, the Liberals and the Democrats should accept their loss! Face it, Hillary – Trump won the election fair and square!

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Source: Web Daily