Sarah Palin a possible nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, reports ABC


ABC has reported on Tweeter that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is being taken under consideration for a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. She would be nominated for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Palin was one of Trump’s earliest supporters and surrogates and frequently appeared on the trail with him throughout the campaign. Trump’s willingness to consider her for a post that he made a top campaign priority means that Trump has faith in Palin to turn around a troubled agency that has been a lightning rod for controversy for years.

Many have commented this speculations, saying that she would be the best advocate for our veterans because she actually cares about them.

People think that Palin would be great for that position, considering the fact that her son Trak was ex-military dealing with the VA’s  lousy service for PSTD, so she knows first hand what the problems in the VA are and how to fix them.

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Source: Breitbart