$30,600 A Year Of Taxpayers Money On An Illegal Alien Convicted For Killing a Teen


Hugo Palencia, a.k.a “Taliban” was convicted in June for the murder of 17-year-old Plainsfield student Spencer Cadogan. HE was shot in the head and murdered in broad daylight walking down the street in November 2010.

Nowhere in the local reports can be found if “taliban” was an illegal alien.

At that time the Department of Justice issued a statement detailing the incident:

On Nov. 11, 2010, Palencia drove another MS-13 member to the area around Barack Obama Academy in Plainfield, where they encountered students challenging MS-13.  Palencia pulled over, handed a firearm to another MS-13 member and instructed him to shoot at one of the individuals. The MS-13 member shot into the crowd, killing a bystander.

However the DOJ failed to mention the fact that Palencia was not legally in the country when he and his accomplices killed their high school victim.

Palencia was not the only Illegal alien sentenced this week for crimes related to MS-13.

Santos Reyes Villatiro (43) and Julian Moz-Aguilar (29) were sentenced to life plus 120 months in prison.

Mario Oliva (30) – Life sentence plus 120 months in prison.

Esau Ramirez (25) – Life plus 169 months in prison.

Cruz Flores (30) – Yet to be sentenced relating MS-13.

The DOJ does not reveal that these criminals are legally in the country , however the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that they have issued immigration detainers for all eight convicted gang members when they were arrested back in 2011.
ICE detainers are issued only on illegal aliens who are eligible for removal at the time they commit a crime.

As if taking an innocent young life and destroying his family was not enough,now it will cost American taxpayers about $30,600 a year to house Palencia in federal prison , not including the adjustment for future rising costs.

Source: MRCTV