CNN Hits Rock Bottom, Makes Sick ‘Joke’ About Trump’s PLANE… [VIDEO]


President-Elect Donald J. Trump made a promise to the American people that he will do anything in his power to keep the jobs in America.

On Thursday he made an appearance at the Indiana Carrier plant where he announced his deal to keep 1,000 American jobs from being moved to Mexico.

CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux was one of the people waiting for Trump’s plane to land at the airport when her producer decided that it would be funny to “joke” about president’s plane crashing!!!


“That means his plane’s crashed! Oh…just kidding,”

the voice can be heard saying, while Malveaux’s eyes bugged out and she started laughing.

Now, imagine if Fox News joked about Obama’s plane crashing ! Every single reporter who would have done that would have been fired on the spot.

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Source: toprightnews