BRILLIANT: Trump Has a Fascinating Plan! Libs, This Is A True Patriot!!


Days after president-elect announced the deal with Carrier to keep 1,100 manufacturing jobs in the United States, he comes up with another brilliant plan on saving America. He is going to slap a 35% tax on companies that moves production or jobs out of the states.
Trump tweeted:

“The U.S. is going to substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses,” Trump tweeted. “But any business that leaves our country for another country, fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the U.S. without retribution or consequence, is WRONG!

“There will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies … Please be forewarned prior to making a very expensive mistake! THE UNITED STATES IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.”

Vice President-elect Mike Pence defended Trumps effort on the Carrier deal on NBC’s “Meet the Press”

Source: Foxnews