The Democrats, the Liberals and all of the Hillary’s supporters are regretting their requests for recount in Wisconsin, as Clinton now has 18,422 votes less.

Previously, Trump was in the lead with over 22,000 votes, and now thanks to Jill Stein that number is even bigger and it continues to grow.

By the second day of the recount, the net vote showed a change in only 3 votes. But after the latest 3rd day update, the Wisconsin Board of Elections noted some huge changes.

And the recount isn’t even finished.

So far, the results show change of 15,133 total votes in favor of Donald Trump.

This is how that looks in the official charts:


Hillary lost 17,990 votes in the City of Milwaukee and Trump lost 1783 votes:


In total, in the entire county of Milwaukee County Hillary lost 18820 votes and Trump lost only 3534 votes.


Coincidence or not, Jill Stein has now withdrew her request for a recount in Pennsylvania, claiming she couldn’t afford to pay the 1 million bond required.

Considering the fact that she got around $7 million for her petition from donors, we can all agree that her reason is not money-related.

Unless recount petitions are requested in other additional states, at this point there is absolutely no chance that Hillary might overturn the results of the election.

There has been accusations that the data is not correctly read. The officials say that the math is not wrong and it has been double checked by hand.

So far the Wisconsin Board of Elections hasn’t given any comments about the removal of the votes and has only informed about the addition of new votes being added to the original results.

Columns F-L contain the current official vote counts. This can easily be verified by comparing sums for all precincts in each county to the official county by county results which can be found online.

Here’s the official Adams count results:


These can be confirmed as columns L-F in the spreadsheet by inserting a column and summing up the votes for the county.


Columns Q-R show the results.

If these columns Q-R are populated, then the recount has been done for the precinct and the difference between the original vote count and the recount vote count is displayed in Columns Y-AE.

If columns Q-R are not populated, the recount has not yet been reported and Columns Y-AE show the negation of the original recount columns.

The remaining Columns AG-AM show the percentage change from the original count and the recount.


This spreadsheets show only the relevant precincts where the recount has been completed.

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Source: Viral Liberty