Truth About The Dakota Access Pipeline By Tomi Lahren


Tomi Lahren, who is originally from Dakota, smashes protesters who are camping out in North Dakota to express their revolt against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Even though this pipeline would make the transport of oil significantly easier, the environmentalists, or as they call themselves ‘the tree huggers’ are enraged, claiming that a sacred land is being destroyed.

Lahren, the conservative internet star posted a video in which she talks about the hypocrisy and the lack of information. She bashes not only the protesters, but also many celebrity who have spoken against this project but in reality know nothing about it.

As she stated, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is over 85% complete, so she sends a message to the protesters: “It’s there. Deal with it”.

She also said: “This pipeline will replace the current and more dangerous method of transporting oil by 750 rail-cars per day”.

And about the protesters being mad about the pipe being close to the water, she informs: “The pipeline sits 92 feet below the riverbed and the pipeline baker is taking extra precautions to prevent leaks or mishaps, so do your research”.

And finally, about the ‘destruction of sacred land’, Lahren says: “The pipeline is not on tribal lands! So no one is taking any land from The Standing Rock tribe!”

The ironic thing is that the protesters have even committed arson in this land they say is sacred. Lahren surely has something to say about that:

“If these folks are so damn concerned with sacred land, why the hell are they lighting it on fire?! Add that to trespassing and damaging private land, vandalizing equipment and graves, harassing rangers and farmers, slaughtering live stock and burning tires in fields!”

Check out the whole video:

Lahren showed that is personal for her. She is not about to be silent while they trash her home state.

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Source: Tell Me Now