WATCH: Trey Gowdy Sweeps The Floor With Obama, Gets STANDING OVATION!


Trey Gowdy, one of the most powerful Republican politicians and great supporter of Donald Trump from day one, gave an incredible speech about the need for legislation to stop Obama’s power grab. Five Democrats joined the Republican majority to advance a bill that would authorize the House or Senate to sue the executive branch for not enforcing laws.

This speech was inspired by the Enforce the Law Act back in 2014.

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass ‘suggestions,’” Gowdy declared. “We make law.”

The reason why the Republicans want to advance legislation to the Senate are the Executive Branch’s problems and the wrongful implementation of law that was caused by Obama.

Gowdy asked directly about the body’s recourse in time of this law’s passing by the US Congress and accepting by the US Supreme Court.

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass ‘suggestions,’” Gowdy said. “We do not exist to pass ‘ideas.’ We make law. And while you are free to stand and clap, when any president comes into this hallowed chamber and promises to do it ‘with or without you,’ I will never stand and clap when any president – no matter if he is from your party or mine – promises to make us a constitutional anomaly and afterthought. We make law!”

Unfortunately, all the previous years with Obama in charge have made the Americans unaware and misinformed about issues like this. Until now, they are convinced that whoever gets elected and becomes president, can do whatever he wants.

This, of course, is false. The Executive Branch is the one in charge of “faithfully executing” the laws of the land.

These laws are prepared in the US Congress and the president can either approve them to become a law or veto them. But even in that case, the Congress still can bring in a veto.

There is a triangulated recourse to decide on veto and it is assigned to the Judiciary Branch and its capability to act according to the Constitution. The previously mentioned triangular check enables three co-equal branches of government to use a balanced power when making decisions.

When the Executive Branch becomes a Monarchy type, the check and balance of power is withdrawn and the citizens are no longer of interest to the president, which is exactly what Obama did. That’s when this kind of situation borders with tyranny.

In his speech, Gowdy points out the importance of the Constitution when it comes to making laws. If we don’t know how crucial is this is, we will turn into a nation without Constitutional ruling.

That’s what Obama was trying to achieve, and Hillary Clinton hoped to continue.

Thankfully, the era of chaos and tyranny ends now, with Trump in charge and Gowdy as his right hand.

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Source: World Politicus