BUSTED: Judge Ordering Michigan Recount Connected To Obama… Media Silent


The latest news regarding the vote recount in Michigan are shaking the political ground.

It was revealed that Bridget Mary McCormak, the judge who approved Jill Stein’s request for a recount and assisted in ordering its realization, is directly tied to Barack Obama – the former president of the US, accomplice and ‘friend in crime’ of Hillary Clinton.


The proof of that is hiding in one sentence on McCormack’s Wikipedia page, that says:

“McCormack is married to University of Michigan Law School professor Steven P. Croley, currently on leave serving in the Obama Administration as a deputy White House counsel. The couple has four children.”

Deputy White House counsel means a pretty tight connection to the president, and of course, an ‘eye for an eye’ relationship.

This signifies and proves that Obama and his administration will use every link they’ve got to disproof Trump’s victory and his election.

Unfortunately for them, there is no scheme that will disproof the choice of the American people, or a recount that will change the voting results. There is no plan, no matter how vile or corrupt it may be, that will diminish or annul Trump’s incredible victory.

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Source: The Truth Division