While Refugees Are Given Free Food And Housing A Homeless Veteran Dies In The Cold


One of the tragedies caused by the influx of refugees is the neglect and the overshadowing of native people who are need and desperate.

A military veteran was found frozen to death on a bench in bus station in Sweden.

Sture, the Swedish veteran was homeless and on the street in the sub freezing temperatures. He sought refuge in the near hospital but was removed by the security guard on duty.

HE also sought shelter in the nearby bathroom, but was removed by the illegal immigrants who were inside.

With nowhere to go, Sture settled down on a bench outside the hospital where he tried to retain his body heat.

His lifeless body was found the next morning by a security guard.

While the Swedish government is rolling out the red carpet for the refugees , the natives are being treated like a third world country citizens.

In the video below , an African family is shown to the modern day amenities that the taxpayers provided for them .
They are being taught how to use them , how to cook on the appliances as the women in the video explains how they had to cook on hot stones back in Africa.

And the arrogance of the one of the women is best shown when she talks to someone on the phone and she tells the person on the other side that the Swedish culture is so difficult.

You don’t say !

In Sweden you don’t beat children , you educate them instead .

It’s a petty and a shame when the government takes care of Illegal Aliens and doesn’t show any interest in it’s own veterans what so ever.

With Obama’s administration we are going to hear a lot of this sad stories in the near future. U.S veterans being mistreated and over 10,000 refugees are going to be imported and given homes and social security.

Unfortunately the original video has been deleted off the internet.

Here’s a video the shows Swedish government renting hotels for the refugees while the people and heroes of their country die alone on the streets.


Source: uschronicle