[VIDEO] Tucker Calrson Shakes The Bones Of EACH & EVERY Liberal With Only FEW EPIC WORDS


Another improvement has been done at Fox News! After reporter Greta Van Susteren announced her leaving, many wanted to take her place, but Tucker Carlson proved himself as the right man for the job, since no one is better in political reporting than him. At the very beginning he became people’s favorite Fox News host.

He is being described as smart, calm and always one step ahead of the Liberals he picks on. And yet, it seems that they still haven’t lost the courage and stupidity and continue to guest on his show and get destroyed.

Each and every one of them has the same repertoire of words they use to try and sound smart, hoping that no one will see it through.

And they seem to get offended by everything. The latest thing they protested was the meeting between an American University trustee and Donald Trump.

According to this young Liberal, meeting with trump is considered a crime and this University donor should be fired.

Some of the students were requesting Gary Cohn, president of Goldman Sachs, to be fired and removed from American University’s Board of Trustees.

Tucker pointed out that, while the students are complaining about the high tuition, they are demanding removal of one of the University’s biggest donors, which would additionally increase the tuition.

Watch Tucker’s interview with one of the students:


As you can tell by Tucker’s tone he is genuinely trying to help this misguided liberal find his way. He shares our concern that this country’s educational system is so bad, that each year the generations are worse than the previous. And if this doesn’t change soon, the outcome will be disastrous.

Fortunately, Trump is on his way to change all that, and Tucker will be the first one to report and inform about these positive changes.

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Source: World News Politics