Mike Pence Just Annihilated Every Trump Hater – Now He Needs Our Help..

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence holds a news conference at the Statehouse in Indianapolis, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Pence has signed into law a religious objections bill that some convention organizers and business leaders have opposed amid concern it could allow discrimination against gay people. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

We can all agree that not only Trump’s win was a great surprise, but he comes as a major refreshment after all these years of wrong people ruling America. Trump is a strong, decisive leader that America hasn’t have since Ronald Reagan. Our new President-elect starts his battle against harmful foreign politics sided with our corrupt politicians and spineless lobbyists who deny the US citizens their right to know the truth. And he has Mike Pence on his side to fight all of them.

The past shows that Liberals don’t want leaders like Trump, who will stand against them and their urge to control and rob this country. They prefer people like Obama, who will turn their heads and succumb to their will.

Fortunately, with your help, the help of the Conservatives, this cycle of weak leaders is stopped. If Hillary had won instead of Trump, by the end of her first term she would have made this country a powerless chaos, forced to accept millions of Muslim refugees and their mission to destroy everything we have and believe in.

Because of Conservatives understanding the risk, and seeing the reality as it is, the right choice was made.

Liberals, with their unrealistic dreams and ideas are ruining America. Their liberal policies are this country’s greatest weakness.

Their vision, promoted by the liberal media is accepting weakness as our foreign policy, not questioning how harmful and disastrous it can be for our nation and our people.

This is exactly why they still don’t understand what is going on, after Trump stood up and showed some authority.

One of the examples was the message he sent to Chine when he spoke with Taiwan’s president.

If our president was some Liberal, he wouldn’t dare to make such a move, fearing that it would offend or upset the Chinese, and with that losing any chance of negotiation with China from the very start.

This was brilliantly explained by Trump’s right hand and future Vice President Mike Pence on a Sunday TV show. He talked about Trump’s actions, showing to the public and to Clinton’s Liberal fan, George Stephanopoulos who’s the man.

Check out the video:


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Source: World News Politics