Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks to LULAC on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 in Washington. (WDCPIX.COM/Lauren Victoria Burke)

The election is over, and the people have made their choice. They decided to end Obama’s tyranny and kick him out of the office for good! He is set to leave in two months, but it seems that he won’t go down without a fight and wants to issue a final executive order.

The country will finally be free of his destructive decisions, but the remaining two months are what fears many Republicans.

Before he leaves, he may pass some legislation which Trump won’t be able to revoke. These would’ve been called the ‘Midnight Rules’, and their goal would’ve been causing Trump trouble within his fist days in office.

Fortunately, the fear of that happening is gone.

The House of Representatives passed a legislation which would allow Congress to repeal any last-minute rules set by Obama before he leaves the White House.

Darrell Issa is the sponsor of the bill. He is a Republican from California and former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He explained:

“This bipartisan bill is about reviving the separation of powers to ensure our laws are written by the representatives we actually vote for – not unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are on their way out the door.”

This shut down Obama and his plans for good! He cannot add anything anymore – not regulations, and surely not any more Muslim refugees who want to harm our country.

Issa added:

“Presidents of both parties have made habit of enacting scores of last-minute regulations, with little oversight, to sneak in as much of their agenda as possible before the clock runs out on their time in office.”

“The bill helps ensure this President, and any future president, will be held in check and that their policies have the proper level of scrutiny by both Congress and the American people. I’m pleased to see the House pass this important measure and look forward to its quick passage by our colleagues in the Senate.”

And it wasn’t just members of Congress that were excited about this bill. FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon was also pleased with the House vote.

“The Obama administration’s regulatory agenda has been damaging to the economy and the destructive to separation of powers in Article I of the Constitution”, he said.

This bill is exactly what we need now, since Obama has proved over and over again that he wanted to go over the powers of Congress to make sure that his agenda was secure. This includes the fact that he tried to have millions of millions of illegal immigrants granted amnesty so that they were able to stay in the country and possibly vote.

In fact, he made voting possible for them! In this last election there were three million illegal immigrants that cast a ballot, despite the fact that they aren’t legal citizens of the United States! And yet the liberals were all in favor of this because they were all voting for Hillary. And with the latest recounts, we know how that ended.

His corruption has even influenced the minds of the younger generations, who are making petitions about changing the basis of electing the next president.

According to the Constitution of the United States, the Electoral College is the body that selects the president of the United States. But the liberals wanted it changed to the popular vote because that would have meant Hillary would’ve won the election. They have gotten this sense of entitlement from having Obama as President for the past eight years.

Stopping Obama from passing any unconstitutional executive order was definitely necessary thing to do. With this, the wave of changes that America needs is starting, even before Trump gets into office. The final hope Obama had for destruction is fading away in front of him.

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Source: Viral Liberty