OMG: About 500.000 Welfare Recipients in 20 States Lose Benefits


It’s time to take the laziness out of the people who are able to work but don’t. They need to start working for their benefits. Those able-bodied individuals who got used to the life of welfare need to get off the backs of the hard working Americans, and this ‘tough love’ will lead them to it.

As reported, between 500,000 and 1 million recipient of Food Stamp Program (SNAP) are facing with loss of their benefits due to passing the three-month limit for unemployed adults from 18 to 49 years old, who are able to work and don’t have minor children.

This decision will affect 23 states who should restore the time limit in 2016.

This program provides benefits in a limited period of three months during any 36-month period in which they don’t have a job or attend a work training program for a minimum of 20 hours a week.

This seems like a good idea to force people into seeking job, but the previous measures proposed by the government suggest that this, like the other ideas, won’t have positive results and the government will again be the primary enabler of this lazy able-bodied couch potatoes. And not only that, with this program the government faces accusations of promoting negative ‘welfare mentality’.

The change in this program that promises better results is that it is based on a time limit and not on opportunity, which will cut off more people than in the past.

This time limit will push the recipients into more serious job seeking and hopefully change the mentality of the nation.

The reality is that many people see SNAP and other welfare programs as ‘careers’ and they need to be taken off the roles. 3 months seems reasonable, and this change will help the people and the country. After they are forced into a job or training or volunteer work equaling 20 hrs they will feel better about themselves.

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Source: US Herald