City Tried To Get Trump To Remove American Flag – He Did This Instead!


The Liberals just won’t let go and make peace with the fact that Trump won the election. The hopeless whiners will take anything they can get to annoy Trump and complain. Their latest target was one of his luxurious properties in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump set a large American flag. The hairsplitting Liberals accused Trump for flying the flag 20 feet higher than city ordinances allow.

The city of Palm Beach even tried to impose Trump a fine of $120,000 for exceeding the limit.

Trump did the most incredible thing, that shut the mouths of all the nitpicking Liberals and the city authorities who were just trying to profit from this.

He promised to lower the flag to the allowed 30 feet, move the pole to another location and even pay the $120,000 fine, but ONLY if the city donates the money to veterans and other charity organizations.

“I’m a very patriotic guy. I’m very proud of the country, and I don’t want to take down the American flag,” Trump said about the disagreement. “And I don’t believe you need permits to put up the American flag.”

He informed that he received a great amount of letters with support of his decision.

“Everybody wants it. Everybody wants it up. But the town wants me to take down the American flag, and I told them I’m not doing that,” Trump said before he struck his remarkably generous deal and resolve the argument like a true leader.

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Source: Web Daily