[VIDEO] ISIS Expert Praises Trump And Pence: “The Adults Are Back In The White House”


Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a well-known expert on Islamic terrorism. He had several appearances on FOX News. In his latest guesting on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ he spoke about how impressed he is with Trump and Pence and their national security policy.

He also praised Trump’s choices for his cabinet.

He said: “The adults are back in the White House”.

Gorka explained his thoughts about the picks for Trump’s Administration and how will they affect our country’s future, especially in the matter of national security.

He ensured the Americans and all the people who were concerned about terrorism, border security and radical Islam, saying:

“The grownups are in charge. The adults are back in the White House in the cabinet”.

He also mentioned Flynn – Trump’s national security adviser, and said that he is an extremely experienced general and a true ‘soldier’s soldier’. About Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general, Gorka said that is a leading proponent of tough immigration enforcement policies. Also praised was Mike Pompeo, the next in charge of the C.I.A., for whom he said that has an incredible resume, graduating first in his class at West Point, editing the Harvard Law Review and serving on the House Intelligence Committee.

“This is an amazing start for America,” Gorka concluded.

Watch the video:

It really means something when an expert such as Dr. Sebastian Gorka approves Trump’s picks for the Administration. America is definitely on the right track.


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Source: American Lookout