The Wall Trump Wants to Build Was Approved By The Congress in 2006 – Construction Could Begin NOW!


One of Trump’s top priorities has always been solving the problems with illegal immigration, national and border security. His idea about building a wall at the US – Mexican border was subject of many protests and complaints about the new President-elect. But what Republicans seem to have forgotten is that in 2006 President G.W.Bush signed the proposal ordered by the Department of Homeland Security to construct the 700 miles long fence along the southern Border.

This bill gives the Department of Homeland Security allowance to make changes to the fence. It was introduced by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and passed with a bi-partisan vote of 283-138 on September 14, 2006 and was later approved by the U.S. Senate on September 29.

Not only does this mean that the forgetful Democrats who now are against, in 2006 voted FOR this proposal, but it also means that Trump can start the construction of the wall as we speak. He is allowed BY LAW!

By THIS law:

“The law states in part:
Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall take all actions the Secretary determines necessary and appropriate to achieve and maintain operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States, to include the following–
(1) systematic surveillance of the international land and maritime borders of the United States through more effective use of personnel and technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and cameras; and (2) physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful entry by aliens into the United States and facilitate access to the international land and maritime borders by United States Customs and Border Protection, such as additional checkpoints, all-weather access roads, and vehicle barriers. (b) Operational Control Defined.–In this section, the term “operational control” means the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics, and other contraband.

The main goal of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was to help secure America’s borders to decrease illegal entry, drug trafficking, and security threats by building 700 miles (1,100 km) of physical barriers along the Mexico-United States border. Later on in the bill it specifies what was supposed to be built was a double-layered fence with barbed-wire on top, and room for a security vehicle to patrol between the layers. Not bad right?

Of the almost 700 miles of fencing specified in the bill only 36.3 miles of double-layered fencing, as the bill required has been built Most of the 36+ miles of fencing were built during the Bush Administration.”

Here is a drawing of what the fence is supposed to look like:

This even means that Obama had disobeyed the law, by accepting millions of illegal immigrants who threaten to harm our country and steal our jobs.

He also made changes to the fence – reducing its size. But this means that Trump will have the same discretion and freedom to do whatever he desires with the wall – upgrading and re-building it the way he wants it.

This law and the changes Trump is about to make with the border wall are for the safety of our country and our people. It’s time for us to restore our safety and our well-being!

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Source: The Political Insider