Liberals will definitely remember the end of this year, as they received an early Christmas present  – the election of Donald Trump and the beginning of a new revolution. Starting with that, all the conservative values that were implementing and Trump’s Administration picks were sticking needles in their heads one by one.

Like Gen. James Mattis being chosen to be the Secretary of Defense, a decision which no doubt triggered lefties and got them to lose their minds.

Mattis is one of Trump’s best choices, being hardcore to the bone and the military leader that would plant fear in every single ISIS member. This is the reason why House lawmakers rushed to approve a bill that would confirm Mattis as Secretary of Defense.

The bill was passed in a 326-96 vote this Thursday, and it includes language that would set up expedited consideration of a waiver needed for Mattis to serve as Secretary of Defense in Trump’s Administration. Waiver language was included even with Democrats’ warnings not to.

The unquestionable need for a man like Mattis was stronger than the efforts that Democrats made for denying him from joining the Administration. Mattis, who is a retired four-star Marine general, needed the congressional waiver because he has been separated from the military for less than 7 years, which is the minimum limit required for serving in the President’s cabinet.

The official report says:

“The continuing resolution approved by the House would fund the government through April 28 and give the Senate Armed Services committee five days to take up the waiver after it is introduced, after which it would go to the Senate floor. The language included in the continuing resolution also would cap Senate floor debate on the waiver at 10 hours. The waiver would still need to pass the Senate by a 60-vote threshold in order for Mattis to advance to hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

This decision marks the end of radical Islamic terrorism, with a hero like James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis leading the battle against the enemies of our country.

It’s time for our nation to rise up against the oppressors, to take back the primate and once again put fear into our enemies’ bones and regain the respect it deserves! The revolution is imminent!

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Source: President 45 Donald Trump