Barbra Streisand Insulted Trump’s Supporters, Greta Van Susteren Shut Her Up For Good!


We’ve heard so much unnecessary BS from all kinds of washed up celebrities during this election, who were just desperately trying to get attention. And now, we have another one to join that list – Barbra Streisand. Not unlike the majority of Hollywood, Streisand is also one of the Liberals who keep on talking on a subject they know absolutely nothing about. Their wealth, stature and lifestyles just don’t give them the same point of view as the ‘ordinary’ Americans. Regardless, their ego makes them think they’re entitled to give their opinion and all the others must hear it.

Like many others, Barbra Streisand also swore she will leave the US if Trump gets elected. Luckily, Greta Van Susteren just gave her a piece of her mind and shut her up. Greta said: “Barbra Streisand can sing, really sing, but now she’s in the threatening business and she should give it a rest!”

Greta’s right. We don’t mind if Barbra decides to leave. But she should really use her voice for singing, since that’s what she’s good at. There are still people in America who look up to her guidance on various topics, including politics.

“Our nation has big problems and we should be working together. To remind each other – I paraphrase you-know-who – ‘People need people’ and we really need people who are working to help, not just making idle threats and quitting when things don’t go their way.”

Check out the whole video:

It’s so sad to see the irrelevant celebrities and has-been sports heroes trying so desperately to get back to the spotlight by jumping into politics of which they know nothing about. Why would someone ever listen to people who live in fantasy land or behind guarded walls about the real issues?!

Goodbye Barbra, and good riddance!

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Source: Yes I’m Right