ACLU Hits A New Law By Suing Indiana Town For Putting THIS On A Christmas Tree


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing one small Indiana town for its Christmas tree.

Apparently, the Christmas tree in Indiana’s town Knightstown has violated the separation of church and state by having a lighted cross at the top.

As Fox News reported, “It was only recently that the town has faced opposition over the cross on top of the tree”.

Knightstown’s resident Mark Tompkins shared his opinion on the topic.

“A couple weeks ago they had a crowd here”, said Tompkins. “Everybody was here. Everybody was fine with it. But now you’ve got one person, you know, out of everybody”.

Tompkins disagrees with the ACLU lawsuit even though the person filing the lawsuit is his relative.

Joseph Tompkins, the plaintiff, says that he has been “forced to come into unwelcome contact with the display, causing him irreparable harm”.

He even complains about his tax dollars being used to fund the display.

“I think we can find people in this town that can replace that 0.0004 cents to give to him and not have to worry about it,” Knightstown businessman Lau Ghioc said in response to Tompkins’ objection.

Not only did Tompkins wants the cross to be removed from the Christmas tree; he also expects the town to pay him monetary damages.

This is outrageous! This is a big part of what is wrong with this country – everything must be politically correct and its sickening! Next thing they’ll do is to sue churches for having crosses on them. How can a Christmas tree be okay and not violating any policy or law, but the cross is offensive?! Both are part of the same religion! And religion equals church! What’s so hard to understand?!

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Source: Breitbart