France Is Closing Down More Than 100 Mosques After Finding These Items Inside


After last year’s terrorist attacks in France, carried out by the followers of Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) the french government made efforts to close down mosques that are believed to be used to indoctrinate, propagandize and recruit radicals.

The French police was given additional power to root out and arrest radicalized jihadists

Thousands of raids were conducted and there are reports that over 100 mosques will be shut down after finding military grade weapons , jihadist propaganda pamphlets and computers with data pertaining to radicalized Islam.

In order to uncover jihadist cells within the country hundreds of individuals were arrested and questioned by the French authorities.

The French people has recognized Radical Islam as a threat that will not just go away by it’s own.
It is a religion that worships death and destruction and not in any way worships Allah. It preaches murder, sex slavery, lying.

Source: uschronicle