9 Years Without a Budget, But Mitch McConnell Now Scared of “Trump Deficit” – Wow!


9 years without a federal budget and suddenly Mitch McConnell is worried about a deficit ? Is this for real ???

This is the kind of stupid stuff that drives conservatives nuts!

McConnell Helped create the mess we’re in!

The Last time federal budget was signed was in September 2007 for ’08 fiscal year signed by G.W. Bush.

Obama never spent a day without a budget. The current Paul Ryan initiated CR/Ominibus spending package ends on April 1st, 2017. [Not coincidentally the same due date for President Trump’s statutorily required first budget proposal, which would take effect October 1st 2017 for fiscal year 2018.]

Regardless, Congress is going to have to pass another CR spending bill. What a financial mess has Ryaan/McConnel created. Deep mess!!

Trump’s race to enact the biggest tax cuts since the 80’s was flagged when Mitch McConnel said that the current levels of U.S debt are Dangereous and wants any tax overhaul to avoid addinf to the deficit.

“I think this level of national debt is dangerous and unacceptable,” McConnell said, adding he hopes Congress doesn’t lose sight of that when it acts next year. “My preference on tax reform is that it be revenue neutral,” he said.

Trump pledged to create millions of jobs by rebuilding highways, bridges, tunnels , and other infrastructure.

He is going to pump fresh trillions of dollars into the economy and all that done without having tyo burden the taxpayers.

What a concept! Add jobs! Reduce regulations! Cut spending! Not add any new taxes…can’t imagine why Establishment Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell would be upset can you?

Source: ihavethetruth