Eric Bolling DESTROYED Obama In An Epic Way For Claiming Russia Helped Trump


Democrats are still in chaos and disbelief that Trump won the election. They’ve tried everything to undermine his victory or at least to find a way to cope with their tremendous loss. Before the election, when they were so full of themselves and certain they will win, they mocked Trump, presuming he would complain about a rigged election. But as it turned out, they are the ‘sore losers’! Now, they keep coming up with ridiculous conspiracy theories. Their latest nonsense which was spread by their media like wildfire was that the Russians hacked into the system and helped Trump become President-elect.

However, as the previous ones, this preposterous theory is slowly falling apart. Not only did Trump and WikiLeaks denied this claims, the CIA also confirmed that even though they investigates potential interfering, they have no evidence to prove these speculations. And not to mention the accusation about CIA of partisan politics.

Eric Bolling also joined this discussion, and destroyed the accusations by using facts. He showed polls which demonstrated that almost no one in America really believes that Russians had anything to do with the hacking, despite the claims of the mainstream media. He then went through the various excuses Democrats have had since the outcome of the election.

“Here’s a Bolling opinion news alert. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump — America did. “C’mon anti-Trumpers, it’s over. You lost. Quit whining,” he said.

“I’ll say it again: No one told Hillary Clinton to coin the term ‘deplorables’ and Donald Trump had nothing to do with Obamacare premiums skyrocketing the election week. Those two events took down the worst candidate to ever run for president,” said Bolling.

Check out the video below.

Get it over with! Not Russia, nor anyone else ‘helped’ Trump win the election. He won because the American people made a choice – the right choice!

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Source: Conservative 101