Jason Chafetz Just Revealed Hillary’s Plan To Bribe The FBI


We all know how the mainstream media treats and protects Hillary Clinton, and how it’s almost as corrupt as Hillary herself. They’ve always tried to cover up the truth about her crimes and show that she is what America needs.

However, their cover is already blown, and thanks to all leaked information, we saw Hillary’s true face. One of the people we should be thankful for exposing Hillary is of course Jason Chaffetz. He is the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman who famously told the guy who destroyed Hillary’s email server that he was served on live TV.

His latest statement put fear in Clinton’s bones which made her tremble.

Chaffetz confirmed that additional hearings will be held regarding Clinton’s private email server when members return from recess. According to new FBI documents, Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy urged the FBI to declassify Clinton’s emails, offering them a ‘quid pro quo’ deal. This move caused even more suspicions between Chaffetz and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes.

“Undoubtedly there will be, based on the documents the FBI released today there are new facts that need to be investigated. I’m very concerned about the quid pro quo that was in negotiation between the State Department and the FBI,” Chaffetz said. “Chairman Nunes and I believe Patrick Kennedy should be relieved of his duties immediately pending an investigation. This is a manipulation if not an outright crime and so we’re gonna drive into that.”

All Congressmen agreed that it was indeed an extremely inappropriate proposal.

Everyone needs to see this! Hillary Clinton’s shameless attempts of bribery and her corruption must be exposed and she needs to pay for her crimes!

This is exactly what we need. We cannot stop trying to take Hillary down at all costs. No matter how hard it will be, we must keep trying and find a way to put her away. Chaffetz knows this and will start it all again soon. We wait and hope that this will finally be the end of her corrupt and America hating, destructive career.