BREAKING: Israel Seeks Trump’s Help After Being Betrayed By Obama, Trump Saves The Day!


The Obama administration proved one more time their fondness of Muslims, this time using the United Nation as its proxy to betray Israel.

As reported, Egypt sponsored a resolution to the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel’s settlements in areas claimed by the Palestinians. Actions like this are nothing new. The Muslim world have tried everything to wipe Israel off the map. Fortunately, such resolutions condemning Israel have been blocked in the UN with a veto. At least, that was the case till now. As a permanent member of the Security Council, the United Stated has the right to give veto, and so far, being the primary founder of the UN, we’ve been using that right. Until now, we have always protected Israel from Muslim’s destructive efforts.

However, this time the Obama administration planned to abstain from the vote on the resolution, breaking the longstanding tradition of vetoing.

The move would have been a parting shot from Obama, who loathes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

That’s why Netanyahu called Trump for help for this despicable ambush from Obama. Trump marched in to save the day and called the Egyptian President, which resulted in Egypt withdrawing their resolution.

Trump made an agreement and promised to solve the problem if he was given the time. While Egypt complied, some other Muslim countries like Senegal reintroduced the resolution.

If Obama had done the right thing by giving the veto, none of this would happen. He has proven to be the most incompetent President ever and that he has to leave immediately. He turned his back to democracy, to our country and to Israel, leaving them alone to deal with this problem.

But only for 27 more days. After that, Trump will take over and set things straight. As he promised. Be patient, Israel. The traitor will be gone soon.

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Source: World News Politics