Malia Obama Just Challenged Trump’s Daughter Tiffany… GOT A BRUTAL RESPONSE!


Now that the presidential election is officially over and President-elect Donald Trump is making his transition, we are being introduced with the new First Family in the White House. With their father becoming President, the lives of Trump’s children will never be the same. This means that they are now appearing in the spotlight for the first time. Today, we introduce to you, Tiffany Trump!

As written by Truth Monitor, Trump’s 21-year-old daughter from his second marriage with Marla Maples has lived most of her life without any public attention. After her parents got divorced, Tiffany moved to California with her mother where she went to high school. Now that she is out in public, embracing the spotlight of the new First Daughter, Tiffany is being compared to Obama’s older daughter, Malia. Even before she takes over the ‘title’, it is obvious that she will outdo Malia in every way, being far better role model for young American women and girls.

Because of her modest and humble way of life during her upbringing, Tiffany has that down-to-earth attitude, making her the ultimate girl-next-door virtues that Malia will never have. Given the fact that Malia was the President’s daughter almost her entire childhood, she got to travel the world and go on expensive vacations paid with tax-money , making her a spoiled brat who could never cherish the true values of life. Unlike her, Tiffany grew up in Calabasas, California, where she was just as any other regular girl. Donald helped with school and other financials, but Marla raised Tiffany as a single parent.

At the age of 17, Tiffany was just another normal teenager, while Malia was using her father’s position and connections to get what she wants. When she was 16, Malia got her firs major Hollywood internship, and now she’s mooching off Obama for another Hollywood-related job, working on the set of the X-rated television series Girls.

Instead of living the life of the rich and famous in New York City or partying every day with her father’s money, Tiffany Trump chose to focus on her studies. Malia, meanwhile, was ruling the party scene being only 16 years old. Last summer she was even spotted in Chicago, partying at the drug-fueled rager Lollapalooza. There, Malia was involved in a physical altercation with a fellow concert-goer.

Tiffany’s hard work in high school and staying out of trouble paid off, and she was accepted to the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, where she is now a senior. She is a complete contrast of other spoiled girls her age, who post selfies partying all night. Although Tiffany regularly posts photos online of herself, but they’re all about her spending the night studying in the library. This is nothing but a definite proof of her contribution in the White House, inspiring other young people to hit the books instead of the bars.

She is already outshining and outperforming Malia in everything she does. While Malia encourages young people to party and mooch off their parents, Tiffany inspires the youth of America to work hard and carve their own path in life.

Her father has taught her well. And not only him – Tiffany also has a pretty awesome bigger sister to look up to.

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