Obama Refuses to Admit Russia didn’t hack DNC, Podesta


Obama and the Democrats still refuse to believe there is no evidence of Russia interfering in the presidential elections, and now they even issued sanctions to two Russian intelligence services the GRU and FSB and expelled 35 diplomats suspected of being spies. With their ignorant attitude, they seem to dismiss two important facts.

First, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose organization was responsible for the release of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s secret server that cost her the victory, denied the accusations of Russian influence on the outcome of the election, reports WND.


Also, Hillary herself, in a speech to donors in New York City, openly blamed Russia for her defeat and even claimed that ‘a personal beef’ between her and Russian President Vladimir Putin was the reason why they meddled in the U.S. voting system.

“Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me,” Clinton said. ”He is determined not only to score a point against me but also undermine our democracy.”

Clinton stated that Russia had hacked both the Democratic National Committee and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, and released the emails to WikiLeaks in an effort to ensure Trump’s victory.

She urged Congress to set up a commission similar to the one set up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, despite providing any proof of WikiLeaks connections to Russia, nor mentioning the ‘personal beef’.

Podesta joined the accusations, adding that the presidential election had been “distorted” by the Russian intervention, in response to the question whether the election was ‘free and fair’.

The accusations continued, even after Assange said there was “no proof whatsoever” that WikiLeaks obtained nearly 20,000 hacked Democratic National Committee emails from Russian intelligence. He stated that DNC servers have been riddled with security holes for years, and that resulted with documents from multiple sources to get in public hands,


Assange also added that the source of the email leaks “was not a state party.”

“We’re unhappy that we felt that we needed to even say that it wasn’t a state party. Normally, we say nothing at all,” Assange claimed.

“We have no conflict of interests. We have an excellent reputation, a strong interest in protecting our sources, and so we never say anything about them, never ruling anyone in or anyone out. Sometimes we do it, but we don’t like to do it. We have another interest here that is maximizing the impact of our publications,” he said.

“So in order to protect a distraction attack against our publications, we’ve had to come out and say, ‘No, it’s not a state party. Stop trying to distract in that way and pay attention to the content of the publication,’” said Assange.


Eric Bolling, Fox News’ co-host told Sean Hannity that Hillary Clinton and her top campaign officials are the only one to blame for the election loss.

“Then it became the Russians’ fault, that the Russians affected the election. It’s none of the above,” Bolling said. “They had a flawed candidate – the worst candidate, not necessarily the worst human being, but the worst candidate that ran for president in my lifetime. The Russians didn’t make her come up and say ‘Deplorables,’ and it wasn’t Donald Trump who made Obamacare premiums skyrocket – double in some cases the week of the election.”

While developing the story that the Russians were responsible for the WikiLeaks emails, Democrats traced it back to intelligence supposedly developed by the CIA.

But we all know how Obama administration has manipulated intelligence for personal political purposes. It has been confirmed that senior U.S. Central Command leaders manipulated intelligence assessments in 2014 and 2015 to make it appear that Obama was winning the war against ISIS.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., a member of the House intelligence community, claimed that CIA Director John Brennan was orchestrating a “hit job” against President-elect Donald Trump by going around the intelligence community and leaking information to the press that Russia was behind the hack of Podesta.

“And that’s what infuriates me about this is that we have John Brennan, supposedly John Brennan, leaking to the Washington Post, to a biased newspaper like the New York Times, findings and conclusions that he’s not telling the intelligence community,” King said.

“It seems like to me there should be an investigation with what the Russians did, but also an investigation of John Brennan and the hit job he seems to be orchestrating against the president-elect.”


We are all sick and tired of these false accusations and of Democrats trying to pass the blame to someone else for their own failure. They have to face the reality – no one – not the ‘fake news’, not Russia, not Trump – is responsible for their loss…no one but themselves.


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