Obama With A Sinister Plan To Pardon 200,000 Criminals Before He Leaves Office


We are all impatient to see Barack Obama finally leave the White House and, preferably, move to his prison cell. However, it seems that the soon-to-be-ex President Obama wants to go down with a bang. Even with only three weeks left in the office, he is still knitting his corrupt and destructive web, causing collateral damage everywhere he steps foot in. In the spirit of doing everything he can to cause trouble and difficulties in Donald Trump’s incoming presidency, Obama is now considering pardoning 200,000 criminals before he finally takes off.


As MRC Blog reports, the liberal idiots are urging Obama to pardon 200,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records and save them from being deported when Trump gets in charge. Libtards explain that the immigrants they want to protect from deportation have only minor criminal records, so they don’t deserve to be kicked out of the country. It seems that they forget or simply ignore the fact that these people are in the United States illegally, which by default makes them criminals and requires deportation.

While the current laws only allow the president to pardon federal crimes, the right to pardon state crimes is given to the state governor. This means that Obama doesn’t get to say whether the criminals will get pardon or not – he is powerless and unable to decide anything about these 200,000 illegal immigrants, who have been found guilty of minor STATE crimes like possession of marijuana and theft.

Despite all this, liberal advocacy groups are assured that their plan will work, considering the fact that deportation usually gets treated as a federal matter. They got their hopes up on this loophole to be used by Obama in order to issue a pardon for the 200,000 aliens.

Given all the damage Obama and his beloved illegal immigrants have done to our country, we cannot let him get through with this plan – all criminals must be held accountable for their crimes!


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