2016: The Year Liberal Ideas Hit Rock Bottom


As 2016 is counting down the final hours, let’s answer some of the year’s most important questions. First – why did Hillary Clinton Lose?

She lost because of her foolish risk to try and ‘expand the map’ into Arizona and Georgia. She lost because people saw through her disguise and revealed her dishonesty and selfishness. Hillary also lost because of her negative campaign, focusing on trashing her opponent rather than making actual promises. But mostly, the reason she lost was because she presented the ‘status quo’, while Trump was the face of changes this country desperately needed.

On the other side, let’s answer the questions Democrats keep asking themselves but seems that they just can’t figure it out – why Donald Trump won?

Trump won because he seized the opportunity he saw in the Midwest that nobody else did. He won by showing Clinton’s weakness and at the same time emphasized his own strengths with his ‘Crooked Hillary’ and ‘Making America Great Again’ paroles. He won because he already had the unprecedented media attention, being a huge celebrity and business magnate. Also, his victory was a result of the divide and the weakness of his opponents.

However, all these questions and answers miss the point of the fundamental question about this year’s revolutionary election. The question that still needs to be answered isn’t why Donald Trump won such close election, but why he was even in a position to win in the first place, considering the fact that he was probably the most disliked candidate in the history of favorability polling, and the candidate who had the least chance of winning.

After all, the Democrats had the opponent they wanted, the candidate they wanted, and the coalition they’d labored generations to build, and that’s exactly why this loss hurt them so much. The only problem they had was that their ideas were failing, sometimes in dramatic, bloody fashion, reports National Review.

Someone might even say it was due to bad luck – Democrats supported Muslim immigration at the time when Muslim immigrants and refugees started killing innocent men, women, and children. Democrats fell in lockstep behind Black Lives Matter even as the “Ferguson Effect” spiked crime in America’s largest cities and cops were gunned down in the streets.

The reality speaks for itself – a presidency that began with a Nobel Peace Prize ends with American troops in ground combat in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and with American pilots launching air attacks in Southwest Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Obama’s incompetence, weakness and wrong decisions gave jihadists exactly the breathing room they needed, becoming stronger than at any other time in modern history.

A president who promised hope and change turned his back on his people, causing massive increase of the white-working-class death rate in the richest nation in the history of the world, where more and more people are taking their own lives through suicide, alcohol, and drugs. A flood of public assistance couldn’t soothe private pain, and increased immigration was the worst medicine for economically struggling communities. As jihad spread, crime increased, and families stagnated, the Democrats waged culture war. That’s the real reason behind Trump’s enormous support, not only from white working-class people, but also from a massive share of black and Latino voters, which proves that a party can demoralize even its most loyal supporters.

Many Americans believe government can and should make their lives better. Democrats have reinforced this idea for many years, but people got tired of empty promises and zero realizations. 2016 was the year of the Democratic failure. Will they change any of their ideas?


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