Putin Went on Live TV, Exposed Obama and Hillary’s Dirty Lies


While all the mainstream media are blabbering about how Russia interfered in the U.S. election, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a tyrannical leader, he seems to know quite a bit how the liberals are fabricating information and try to brainwash the American minds.

In the past few weeks, almost every other headline was about Russia favoring Donald Trump and helping him win the presidential election against Hillary Clinton. If that was true, it gives us one more reason to like Putin. However, a leader like him would not allow himself to simply endorse a candidate, especially in a foreign election. He’s much smarter than that, of course.

But, he did took a step further and gave the liberal media a piece of his mind about their crooked way of informing and creating a fake reality, reports Yes I’m Right.


“The mainstream media created the perception, and I assure you it wasn’t accidental. [Western] mainstream media rarely does anything by accident. This whole idea has been implanted into people’s heads, as part of the U.S. presidential race. In my view, it has only one purpose… It is done by those who are defending the interests of the Democratic Party, represented by Mrs. Clinton, against the interests of the Republican Party, in this case, Mr. Trump How it is done? Firstly, you create an enemy – that looks like the Russian Federation, Russia – and then they announce that Trump is our favorite! This is simply an internal political method for the purposes of manipulating public opinion,” stated Putin.

He revealed the desperate ways in which Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats try to undermine Donald Trump’s victory and make him and Vladimir Putin look foolish and bad in the eyes of the Americans. Putin tore off their masks of lies and made THEM look like childish imbeciles whose only goal is to manipulate our citizens.

Thankfully Obama will be gone soon and Trump will mend these wounds and bridge the gap with Russia. Together, Trump and Putin can wipe ISIS off the face of the planet and ship all Muslim terrorist back to their s**t of a country!


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