TRAITOR: Obama – “The U.S. Must Give Up Some Of Its Freedoms to the UN”


We literally can’t wait for Trump’s Inauguration Day to come, because that would mean that traitor Obama’s time is finally up and he’s leaving the White House for good. For us, that practically means freedom! We’re all sick and tired of Obama’s destructible policies who have weakened our country and our military so much that we are perceived as a joke among nations around the world. His incompetence led to ideas such as Obamacare and a One World government, which was also supported by Hillary, reports Joe For America.

In his recent speech at the gathering with other world leaders at the UN, Obama said:

“…but we have to put our money where our mouths are. And we can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding — to replace the ravages of war with cooperation — if powerful nations like my own accept constraints,” said Obama. “Sometimes I’m criticized in my own country for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions.”

“But I am convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action — not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests, but binding ourselves to international rules over the long term — enhances our security. And I think that’s not just true for us.”

Is he serious about this? Giving up our freedom to suck up to The United Nations, which only has one goal: Globalization. Their intention is to create new world and economic order, supporting an international system of governance. The UN doesn’t exist to help the world, and that has been proven in many occasions in which the UN has failed to protect those that really need protections. It surely hasn’t stopped genocide or wars.

The reality is – UN is about global control. They want to disarm the people and deny them the right defend themselves, which is unconstitutional in America. America was founded on the Constitution. In America, citizens have the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms, but the UN doesn’t want that. They want “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” – no borders. And here’s the resemblance with Obama’s refugees policy: The more the merrier, despite the fact that it makes our country weaker.

Obama is a globalist and wanted Americans to surrender themselves to the UN and forfeit, and become part of the ‘One World’ government.

Thankfully, Obama doesn’t have the right or the power to steal our freedom. If Hillary got elected, she would just continue his ideology, but now with Trump in charge, they can kiss globalization goodbye.

One of our Founding Fathers said:


Donald Trump will lead us down the path of greatness and help “Make America Great Again”, protecting and preserving our rights and our freedom. We will no longer have a traitor to rule our country!

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