Watch Donald Trump Completely Strip Off Professional ‘CON MAN’ Al Sharpton [VIDEO]


As we know him, Trump has always been a straightforward kind of guy who goes right to the point and speaks his mind. While guesting on “Fox and Friends”, he shared his thoughts about Al Sharpton’s attempts to create racial tensions and target police departments that serve communities of color. The President-elect didn’t mince his words when he described Sharpton as a professional “con man” who gets away with “murder”.

He explained his statement and said he thinks Al Sharpton does nothing but acting for the cameras: “I live in New York and I know Al Sharpton very well. I’ve dealt with him many times over the years and he is a guy who I don’t believe really believes what he’s saying…he pretends he cares deeply,” elaborated Trump.

He expressed his disgust at Al Sharpton’s actions and mentioned the case shortly after two NYPD police officers were executed in their patrol car, when Sharpton held a press conference. He then informed about receiving death threats himself. In response to this, Trump said Al Sharpton was trying to cause “backlash” that would inevitably lead to “a very violent thing and a…dangerous thing for a lot of people,” reports US Herald.

Our future President’s judgement is dead on. We all know that Al Sharpton’s intentions are to make things worse. As long as there is the mere appearance of a race problem in America, Sharpton seizes the opportunity to gain a huge paycheck. Peace and calm are no good for Al Sharpton’s bank account, popularity, or TV show bookings.

That is one of the problems when a country has a weak and incapable leader. People listen to whoever steps up to the podium – and Al Sharpton is drawn by any microphone he sees. It’s the President’s job to take them away from a scum like Sharpton, who spits poison every time he opens his mouth.


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