BREAKING: Obama’s Overpaid Staffers Just Got The Boot By Trump!


Donald Trump made sure Obama’s destructive legacy is going down with him, as he dropped a huge bombshell on the entire administration just before Christmas, giving the boot to every U.S. ambassador appointed by the current president. The resolution will be effective from the Inauguration Day.

President-elect Donald Trump’s mission is clear – making America great again. Considering the massive amount of damage Obama’s incapable ruling has made to our country, it was obvious that Trump had some major ‘swamp draining’ and ‘cleansing’ to do.

It was revealed that the State Department sent out a notice on December 23 explaining to Obama’s ambassadors that they will all be out of the job as of January 20, reports Truth Monitor.

Of course, liberals were waiting for something like this so they could continue with their vicious attacks on the future President, but a senior Trump official shut them up by claiming there was no ill will behind this move. As it was announced before, this is part of the actions in order to ensure that Obama’s political appointees leave their position as he does, on schedule. They, and thousands of other government employees are ordered by law to do so, meaning it should’ve been expected and not come as a surprise to the ambassadors.

Sean Spicer, Trump’s incoming White House press secretary, already introduced Trump’s attempt to “bring a new brand to Washington” and implement a restriction on the people in his administration that would prevent them from becoming lobbyists for 5 years after working for his government.

Almost all previous administrations have fired the departing president’s “political” ambassadors, since these people were typically major donors who got the position because of close ties with the president. On the other hand, career diplomats are typically permitted to remain at their posts.

Well, at least that was the practice in the past. This time, Trump has made it clear that he will purge the entire government of anyone related to Obama, so he’s giving the boot to every single overpaid staffer who shares Obama’s destructive ideology.


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