JUST IN: Melania Silenced All Haters With An Outstanding Move


It’s sick how low the mainstream media has gone in their continuous efforts to undermine Trump’s election and attack his wife and future First Lady, Melania Trump. They even made a sick move after their youngest son, Barron, when the has-been actress Rosie O’Donnell, in desperate need of attention, publicly blabbered about 10-year-old Barron being autistic.

O’Donnell posted a video on Tweeter with a despicable caption about the child’s health condition.

Soon after that Melania’s lawyer released a letter threatening to sue whoever posted the video.

Another example of the media’s disgusting bullying is when they published false stories about Melania illegally coming to America, or even about her formerly working as an escort. Melania decided that she will not sit calmly and allow them to continue with their accusations, so she took matters into her own hands and made a drastic move.

She is suing a blogger named Webster Griffin Tarpley and the British publication the Daily Mail over the escort fake news story. And not only that – she is planning to attend the court session, even though she is not required to, reports Conservative 101.
Melania at least wants to make a clear statement and show that she’s not someone to mess with.

Melania’s attorney Charles J. Harder said, “Mrs. Trump was not required to attend the court conference but chose to do so to meet the judge, meet opposing counsel and show her commitment to the case.”

If nothing else, this move is set to silence the liberal mainstream media for good. Commented Rebecca Shabad of CBS, “It is almost impossible to win a defamation suit if you’re first lady, but Trump’s willingness to spend her time and money on the case may have a deterrent effect, preventing others from saying negative things about her.” Stated Jenni Fink of Independent Journal Review, “While she can’t stop people from making fun of her, her decision to appear in court sent them a clear message — either stop spreading lies about me or face the consequences.”

This is a very bold move by the future First Lady, and it shows that she is definitely to be taken seriously.


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