BREAKING: Sadistic Black Thugs That Tortured Disabled White Teen, With Shocking Announcement


Last week a shocking video was posted on Facebook showing 4 black thugs beating up a Caucasian teenager in Chicago, screaming, F*ck Donald Trump ! and f*ck white people.
The police arrested , JOrdan Hill 18, Tanishia Covington 24, Tesfaye Cooper 18, and Brittany Covington and they have been charged with Aggravated unlawful restraint, Aggravated kidnapping, Aggravated battery and hate crime…

The ThruthMonitor reports that the family of the Covington girls broke their silence to apologize to the teenage victim.

I am so sorry, I am so sorry. I apologize on behalf of my family to his, that’s all I can say,” the girls’ grandmother Priscilla Covington, 65, told Daily Mail.


“I’m so upset, my head is about to bust open,” the grandmother said. “I don’t know if someone influenced her. … She had her ups and down. [She] was a good person. I’m so confused.”

The court on Friday refused bail for the Covingtons calling them “a danger to society”

“I’m looking at each of you and wondering where was the sense of decency that each of you should have had?” Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil said. “I don’t see it.”

During a period of two days, the challenged 18 year old teenager was held hostage, beaten, kicked , cut ,verbally abused and was forced to drink toilet water.

This as a horrifying example of hate crime upon white people and mainstream media refused to report of this crime.


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