Furious Trump Unleashed His Wrath On CIA For THIS Huge Reason!


Obama’s corrupt house of cars is falling apart each day. The rotten lies and manipulations have reached the roof of the White House. The final drop that spilled the cup was the announcement Trump made about the CIA briefing Obama important information about the alleged Russian hacks. The infuriating, treacherous thing is that NBC got this info even before our future President.

Donald Trump unleashed his wrath on the CIA and took to Twitter to demand an explanation to the complete lack of respect towards him and our country.

“How did NBC get ‘an exclusive look into the top secret report he [Obama] was presented?’ Who gave them this report and why? Politics!”, wrote Trump.

The question must be asked, who spilled the beans? Obama, his administration or the CIA itself?

This proves even more the ties between the corrupt CIA and the Democrats, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, so it comes as no surprise that the agency would leaked this information to anyone else before the go to our President.

They even leaked their report about Russia hacking Hillary’s secret server to help Trump win to the Washington Post, then tried to hide it from Congress, reports Proud Patriots.

Considering the fact that the CIA have lied about 9/11, Saddam Hussein, so it’s not to be expected from them to tell the truth about this as well. Hell, they’ve turned against their own nation, spied and even drone stroked Americans in their own country!

We have another choice to make – buy whatever story the CIA is trying to sell us and go to war with Russia, or believe that We The People elected Donald Trump fair and square and help him make our country great again?

Obama and his lies have divided and alienated our country and our people. He, the Democrats, the CIA and whoever else is responsible for betraying America must pay for it!


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