Obama Is DONE! He Just Got The Worst News Ever – IT’S HAPPENING!


Obama can kiss his healthcare program goodbye! Republican Senator Mike Enzi introduced a resolution for repealing Obama’s signature ObamaCare program, giving the soon-to-be-former President some very bad news!

If it passes, that means one BIG part of Obama’s legacy is ruined, just like our future President Donald Trump promised!

Considering that Republicans are now majority in Senate, the proposition by the budget committee chairman will most likely be its first major legislative item. However, it has been informed that the repeal process may take months, and developing a new health insurance plans that will replace it could take even years.

Quickly after being introduced, every American was assured that Obama’s promise that anyone who liked their healthcare plan would be able to keep it is just another nonsense and a big fat lie like every other promise he has made.

The number of people being harmed by the law is so much bigger than those benefiting from it, and it just keeps increasing. That’s why Republicans have launched several legislative efforts to dismantle the law, claiming it was government overreach. However, Democrats have outvoted their plans in the past, accusing them of not having a replacement strategy.

Now, thankfully, since there are 52 in the 100-seat chamber, Republicans can act without the Democrats’ approval and are using a budget resolution to provide for ObamaCare’s repeal.


A Senate vote on the resolution is to be expected next week, followed by action in the House of Representatives. But first, the committees must finish the reconciliation procedure before the repeal process is completed, reports Reuters.

“These instructions to committees are provided to facilitate immediate action on repeal, with the intent of sending legislation to the new president’s desk as soon as possible,” the statement from Enzi’s office said.

ObamaCare was a failure from the minute it was introduced, and must be repealed immediately! Obama needs to prepare for some more bad news that are yet to come!


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