Trump Requests An Investigation For A TRAITOR Within The Obama Administration


We are all sick and tired of Obama and the Liberals’ narrative about Russian hackers influencing the election, without providing a single piece of evidence to support the accusations. As we’ve previously reported, important information about the alleged Russian hacks was given to NBC even before they were shared with our future President. Now, Trump is demanding answers and is calling on Congress to launch an investigation about the traitor from the Obama administration who leaked the top secret intelligence report.

Thanks to Trump’s tweeting habit which is hated by the mainstream media, another scandal with the Obama administration has been revealed.

Continuing his dedication to transparency an telling the truth, Trump shared the information about the NBC leak with We the People. Even before getting the leaked report, he requested for an investigation of the mole withing the administration.

The infuriating President-elect claimed that someone was playing ‘politics’ with the top secret report about the alleged Russian hacking that caused Liberals a great harm and embarrassment.

Despite having zero evidence, Obama’s intelligence heads are confident about the correctness of ther assessment of the DNC hacking scandal. Does that mean we should pretend to be deaf, blind and stupid and simply take their word for it?

There isn’t even a slight explanation of how the CIA and FBI linked Russian hackers with Hillary Clinton campaign chief of staff John Podesta’s secret emails. It was previously reported that the FBI investigators didn’t even check the laptops or the hacked DNC email system server to determine who was involved.

The FBI has claimed the DNC refused access to the system, but the DNC denied any request for an examination.

Another way of finding something out would be giving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a call to question him about the hacked information he received. But that didn’t happen either.

However, Julian Assange has vowed to never give up his source of the DNC hacked email, but he also claimed it was not the Russians, or any foreign entity, but a disgruntled Clinton insider who shared the hacked emails.

In fact, one of the John Podesta emails exchanges reveals that Hillary’s campaign chief was warned by another staffer they might have a “mole” in the organization. Podesta acknowledged the concern and even offered up the name of the suspected mole.

The mole he suspected is a now former Clinton Foundation CEO. Regardless, neither the FBI nor CIA questioned him about the email hacks, reports Angry Patriot Movement.

He and his partner vanished from public view months ago — leaving no trace either physically or electronically of their current whereabouts. That level of suspiciousness calls for a detailed and urgent investigation!

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