Tucker Carlson Joins The Trashing Of Meryl Streep’s Hate-Speech


Meryl Streep’s anti­Trump speech at the Golden Globes awards continues to dominate headlines today, attracting all the negative attention a celebrity can get. We’ve seen and hears almost every media comment about her outrageous misguided rage excess.

Now, even Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his share of thoughts on live TV about Streep’s mouthful of BS:

Tucker claimed that Meryl Streep is by no means an outsider and in fact is an entitled Hollywood elitist that gave the audience exactly what it wanted to hear, reports Yes I’m Right.

However, she certainly did’t speak from experience, nor did she share the same ground. There was absolutely no substance behind this speech and all it was is an affront to American democracy. Not only that, it was neither the time nor the place for a speech of that matter.

“Here you have a rich and entitled person describing herself as an outsider, an outcast,” Carlson said. “Look, she doesn’t like Trump, that’s totally fine, lots of people don’t. You’re allowed to feel that way, but what I was so struck by is she was telling a crowd exactly what they wanted to hear. She was saying things that are totally uncontroversial within the context she was speaking. That’s the least courageous thing you can do.”

The Fox News host continued: “To be in a room full with rich Hollywood liberals and say liberal things… I mean, it would be really interesting, and cool by the way, if were to stand up and say something they disagreed with… It just annoys me.”

He’s absolutely right – Meryl Streep’s speech only mirrored the liberal propaganda and showed the liberal’s ignorance and manipulation. It surely won’t be tolerated!


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