Obama – The REAL Ignorant Imbecile Who Made Fun Of Disabled People On Live TV [VIDEO]


The liberals are banding over backwards to defend and support Meryl Streep who, in her outrageous effort to act like some sort of a ‘political expert’, accused President-elect Donald Trump for mocking a disabled person.

What she was referring to was this.

I mean, not that Trump’s so-called ‘impression’ was nice, but he does the same thing with everybody and that transparency, honesty and straightforwardness is part of what we like the most about him! And as seen on the video, Trump absolutely DID NOT make fun of the reporter, but apparently the haters keep blabbering nonsense without even watching the video.

A completely different thing is what Barack Obama, the liberal messiah, had done in his statement back in 2007 as he ran for president. His sick comment was a direct offence and mockery towards the disabled people, reports Yes I’m Right.

When Obama spoke about his crappy bowling score, he said “It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something.”

While the rest of the world praises the courage of people who are part of the Special Olympic, who are actually some of the best athletes that just happen to be disabled in one form or another, Obama dared to compare his terrible bowling skills and directly made fun of the disabled as a group. However, none of the liberals has ever mentioned this disgusting gesture. Let us remind you of Obama’s sick comment:

This sums up Meryl Streep’s and all the other Hollywood liberal pricks’ BS mentality, their ignorant condescension, and elitist attitude that their opinion and ideology are the only things that matter. They need to finally shut up and accept the fact that not Trump, but their beloved Obama is the real ignorant bastard who has no respect for the disabled people.


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