OH, SNAP! Denzel Washington SLAMMED Meryl Streep And All The Liberal Hollywood Elites!


Meryl Streep’s anti­Trump speech at the Golden Globes awards continues to raise dust even today, attracting all the negative attention a celebrity can get. We’ve seen and hears almost every media comment about her outrageous misguided rage excess. Now, even some actors and celebrity colleagues are rising their voice against the ignorant Hollywood elite, who just watches from above and scolds the rest of the Americans for electing Donald Trump. Legendary actor Denzel Washington is one of those who just handed a harsh dose of reality for all of the haters.

People like Meryl Streep and Jimmy Fallon see themselves as so much more than the average Americans, the ‘mortals’ who see them as gods and praise them for whatever they do. But Denzel Washington just proved them wrong. It’s the average Americans who make America great, who made their choice and elected Donald Trump because they were sick and tired of the elitists like Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep and all the other liberals and their attitude.

Washington went straightforward with his colleagues actors and told them to get off their high horses and face the reality.

“…people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense.”

Instead of seeing themselves as entitled to tell the rest of American what to do, Washington said fellow actors should be on their knees thanking Americans for the chance to do what they do, reports Conservative Post.

“Making a movie is a luxury,” he stressed. “It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

You can see the video here:

Finally, someone who sees the reality as it is and tells the truth. Kudos, Denzel Washington!


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