BREAKING: George W. Bush Comes Forward With A Surprising Announcement About Trump – It Was About Time!


Because of several disagreements between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush during the Republican primaries, Jeb’s father and former President George W. refused to endorse Trump when he won the primary. He even often spoke out against him. Then, he took things a step further by refusing to vote in this election at all, making it clear that he disliked Trump so much that he would turn his back on his own party.

That’s why his latest statement came as such a big surprise for everyone, revealing his change of opinion.

This week, George W. and Laura Bush released a statement saying that they WILL attend Trump’s inauguration, adding that they are “pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power—a hallmark of American democracy.”

“President and Mrs. George W. Bush will attend the 58th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on January 20, 2017, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C,” their statement read. “They are pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power—a hallmark of American democracy—and swearing-in of President Trump and Vice President Pence.”

Top Trump adviser and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway immediately took to Twitter to comment the announcement and welcome Bush, reports Conservative Brief.
The decision makes Bush the second living president planning to attend Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Former President Jimmy Carter was the first to announce that he would attend. However, considering his age, former President George H.W. Bush, 92, is not expected to be at the ceremony. It is yet to be announced whether former President Bill Clinton will attend the inauguration, considering his wife, Hillary, was Trump’s defeated opponent in the presidential election.

We’re glad to see that the Bush family have finally changed their opinion about our President Donald Trump!


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