Obama Did This IMMEDIATELY After His Farewell Address…Look!



Barack Hussein Obama gave his farewell address as president in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois last night.

Right after that he flew to his home at Washington D.C. This was his final trip aboard Air Force One.

The ThruthMonitor reported that Obama has 445 trips on Air Force One. With only nine days left he is handing over to Donald Trump.

Obama has flown 2799 hours and six minutes on Air Force One. It is the equivalent of 116 days. He visited 56 countries and 49 states with Maryland being the only exception since the presidential aircraft is housed at Maryland.

“Of all the privileges of this office, and there are many, I will miss Air Force One,” said Obama at an Armed Forces farewell ceremony for himself.

Obama is still entitled to one more flight aboard the Air Force one,and right after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump he is using the jet to fly off to a vacation . Obama didn’t say where, he just said it will be someplace warm.

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