Outgoing Obama Leaves His Staffers On The Street – “There Are No Jobs For Us”


The soon-to-be-former President Barack Obama plans to head off on another vacation after he leaves office next week, meaning his staffers and appointees will end on the streets on Washington D.C., struggling to find work.

“It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” said longtime Clinton aide Mira Patel, who worked for Clinton in her Senate, State Department and 2016 campaign offices.

Trump’s unexpected surprise victory Nov. 8 caused 4,000 administration jobs are no longer to be available to Hillary for America alumni. There are also the lobbying firms, trade associations and corporate government affairs offices that are throwing senior Obama aides’ resumes away while scrambling to hire operatives with Republican connections.

“Clients are all pivoting, and they’re all frankly trying to figure it out just like we all are right now,” said Julian Ha, who heads up the government affairs and trade association practice at the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles.

“My prediction is that there certainly will be a more robust demand for folks who are from the Republican side of the aisle, and especially [those] close to folks who are now being selected for key positions,” Ha said.

The still-surprised Democratic workers who were expecting to see Clinton in the White House are reportedly finding the transition especially difficult, struggling with both emotional and practical problems:

“There’s anger, there’s frustration, there’s anxiety, there’s burnout,” said Russ Finkelstein, a managing director at Clearly Next and longtime progressive career guru (including as a founding team member at the lefty jobs board Idealist.org) who has been counseling Clinton alumni.

“People are in shock,” said Anastasia Kessler-Dellaccio, 35, who quit her job at Sister Cities International to run Foreign Policy Professionals for Hillary. “I think people, myself included, are trying to figure out, ‘How do I recalibrate my dreams?’”, she added.

However, there seems to be a silver lining. Laslo Bock, Google’s outgoing chief of human resources, is willing to help Obama staffers and Clinton advocates find work after their unexpected yet impending unemployment, reports The Blaze.


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