Trump Makes Stunning Donation To US Treasury…Leaves Liberal Media Speechless


While the liberal mainstream media have been going on and on with their endless efforts to trash Trump and undermine his victory, his latest announcement left them speechless.

Because of his business dealings all over the world, the liberals have been accusing him of having major conflict of interest as president. However, during his latest press conference, Trump’s lawyer announced that not only after his inauguration the President-elect will be giving up control over his business, but he will also donate all profits generated at Trump’s hotels by foreign governments to the U.S. treasury.

That is one amazing gesture worth praising!

As Trump announced, his adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump will run the company along with a Trump Organization executive. His aides informed that during his presidency, Trump will not make any corporate decisions regarding his businesses.

After his inauguration, Trump will put his business assets into a trust, and an ethics adviser, who has not been named yet, will join the company’s management team. In order to prevent potential conflicts of interests, the adviser will review and sign off on any new business deals, an attorney familiar with Trump’s plans reveals.

Also, the company will hire a chief compliance officer to manage and detect potential conflicts, reports Proud Conservatives.

This is just another proof that our new President-elect Donald Trump keeps the promises he makes. He said that he would do something so big with his business interests that will make all Americans proud, and he just did. We can’t wait for him to start Making America Great Again!

His move will leave speechless all haters who doubt he will be a good president. A new era has begun, and we are all thrilled to be part of it!


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