You’ll Never Guess What Is Obama Planning Right After Trump’s Inauguration


Even though we are used to Obama’s constant abuse of his position, his latest announcement came as a huge surprise. Apparently, right after Trump’s inauguration, Obama is planning to take one last trip with the Air Force One, despite not being president anymore.

As reported, outgoing presidents are traditionally allowed one final ride on Air Force One after they leave office. This privilege was also used by former President George W. Bush, who took his final ride to fly back to Midland, Texas with his wife after Obama’s inauguration.

Though the Obamas have announced that they will move to a rented home in Washington D.C. after leaving the White House, the president’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest said they will still be leaving the capitol on Air Force One right after Trump’s inauguration. However, he did not announce where they will be heading.

The aircraft will be one of Air Force One’s identical two modified Boeing 747s, which are known as VC-25s. Since he will no longer be president, it will not be called Air Force One, even though it will be the same plane Obama has ridden on for the past eight years during his presidency, reports Truth Monitor.

The final trip will be of great importance for Obama, since he has already discussed how much he will miss the plane.

“I’m going to be honest with you – one of the best parts of being President is having your own plane,” Obama said. “And I’m going to miss it. A lot.”

However, the decision to take the trip is a bit of surprise, given the fact that their new home in the ritzy neighborhood of Kalorama is located just two miles from the White House. Considering all this, it was thought that Obama has already taken his last ride on Air Force One when they went on their annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii earlier this month.

It really doesn’t matter where the Obamas are planning to go, as long as they leave the White House for good!


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