Democrats Raging Over Trump Appointing His Son-In-Law, History Slaps Them In The Face!


U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will become a senior White House adviser working on trade and the Middle East, Trump said on Monday.

Kushner, 35, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, is taking the post after receiving legal counsel that doing so would not violate U.S. anti-nepotism law, transition officials said. The position, unlike Cabinet posts, does not require U.S. Senate confirmation, has no legal authority over anyone and Kushner will not be paid.

Trump, announcing the choice said Kushner was a “tremendous asset and trusted adviser throughout the campaign and transition.”

Democrats were furious because of the decision and accused Trump of nepotism – appointing family and friends over qualified people for jobs and positions of power.

A group of six Democrats on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee said they had written to the Justice Department and U.S. Office of Government Ethics asking them to review concerns about nepotism and conflicts of interest regarding Kushner’s appointment.

Firstly, in Trump’s case, only one of 4,000+ White House positions have been filled by a family member, reports The Truth Division.

Secondly, let’s give Democrats a little history lesson. The late and beloved John F. Kennedy, who was a Democrat, appointed his own brother, Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, as Attorney General of the United States only weeks after winning the 1960 presidential election. That didn’t seem to bother anyone then. And the position was not a meaningless one – he was an Attorney General of the United States.

Also, Bill Clinton named his wife, Hillary Clinton, to lead his healthcare reform drive in 1993.

The sore-losers need to get their facts straight and review their history before trashing Trump’s announcement about his son-in-law, or any other decision he makes as the future President.


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