BREAKING: U.S. Senate Defies Obama 99-0 – He Is Powerless


Throughout the entire 8 years of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has constantly pandered to our country’s enemies, while betraying our allies. Finally, Obama’s destructive actions have come to an end, and the upcoming Trump presidency will make all the necessary changes that will obliterate Obama’s legacy. Obama’s love for the refugees combined with his terrible foreign policy have made our country unsafe. But the Senate has had enough and just signaled that changes are coming.

Both Democrats and Republicans from the Senate unanimous voted to renew sanctions on Iran for 10 years, defying Obama’s attempts to stymie Congress with decisive 99-0.
This decision came as a result of a United Nations report documenting Iranian violations of the Iran nuclear deal. President-elect Donald Trump called this agreement ‘the worst deal ever negotiated’.

The Senate renewed the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), a 1996 measure set to expire this month, just weeks after the House easily passed the extension 419-1 in November.

The White House and Obama administration have tried to delay the ISA renewal, arguing that the administration has sufficient authority to sanction Iran if it comes to violation of the deal. Secretary of State John Kerry also reportedly advised lawmakers against renewing the package, reports Patriot Journal.

While there were complaints that Trump doesn’t have the authority to alter Obama’s deal with Iran, it is obvious that even Democrats are sick and tired of Obama’s idiotic policies, and want a President whose main purposes would be to protect its own people.

It is a relief to know that even before coming into office, our future President has identified some very key issues that have been plaguing our government and is already collaborating with Senate to fix them and obliterate Obama’s poisonous heritage forever.


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