God’s Hand Is Firmly Upon Donald Trump, These 3 Key People Believe So, Here’s WHY

Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on September 21, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

President-elect is going to be sworn to the most powerful political position on earth. Christians are convinced that this is the hand of God. Prayers of Christians made a huge difference in the election outcome says Franklin Graham. Millions of Christians share his view.

Anne Severance, a christian author believes that God heard the prayers of people in making Donald Trump a president,reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

“I do believe that he [God] picked him. Because he puts people in office and he takes them out,” says Severance, 80, who lives in Franklin, Tenn., and worships at the nondenominational New River Fellowship, founded by her son-in-law, Christian music star Michael W. Smith.

Columnist Michael L. Brown is another individual who is convinced that God authored Donald Trump as president.

“I began to think, ‘If he ends up being elected, especially in a strong way, I will have no doubt that God’s hand was in this,'” said Brown, whose weekday “Line of Fire” radio show, a mix of conservative religion and politics, airs on 32 stations nationwide and the American Family Radio.

According to HelloChristian, Famed Former U.S Rep. Michele Bachman and WallBuilders founder David Barton , created a chart showing the time when Trump was favored by God and caused Hillary’s fortunes to fall and Trump’s to rise.
“The Lord did this,” Bachmann exclaimed, as she detailed the power of prayer in the outcome of the election. “The odds of him becoming president were so overwhelming,” Brown said, “the only way he could have made it is with divine intervention.”

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