Donald Trump With A Touching Tribute To Kellyanne Conway Right Before Her Birthday


President-elect Donald Trump knows who’s there for him, recognizes and cherishes the support and showed appreciation for the toughest member of his team, Kellyanne Conway with a touching tribute.

At a Thursday event at Union Station, Trump praised Conway’s bravery to go on networks that the men on his staff are afraid to, presumably CNN, and owned them.

“There is no den she will not go into. When my men are petrified to go on a certain network I say, ‘Kellyanne, will you go?’ Then she gets on and she just destroys them. So anyway, thank you, baby. Thank you. Thank you. Be careful,” he told her.

Future First Lady Melania Trump, Vice-president-elect Mike Pence, Caitlyn Jenner and singer Jackie Evancho who sang for the president-elect also attended the event.

“I see my Kellyanne. Aw, Kellyanne. Come here Kellyanne, come up here,” Trump said.

“She’s been so great. Wow,” he added as Conway took the stage in a stunning red dress.

The inauguration is a special day for Conway who also celebrates her 50th birthday on Friday.

Friday morning, she was surprised with a serenade for her birthday, reports Bizpac Review.


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